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The Stanger Health Care Story

Many years ago a young man wanted to improve the health and wellness of south Floridians. His name was Dr Jeff Stanger. He decided Chiropractic Medicine was a perfect fit. So he set off helping one person at a time in South Florida, where everyone had access to health and wellness care through insurance. His practice grew by leaps and bounds, as his happy patients spread the word.

Then tragedy struck in the form of a life threatening illness, he was diagnosed with leukemia. While searching for answers he discovered that the combination of traditional and alternative medicine was the remedy. He called it blended medicine, combining the best of both traditional as well as non traditional methods. He recovered and wanted to tell everyone about what he had discovered. But when he returned to practice, the healthcare terrain had changed. Something called managed care had taken over and controlled patient access to health and wellness, making it very difficult to obtain!

One day a very dear friend was involved in a car accident and needed treatment from many different specialists, ranging from conservative management to interventional procedures. However, there was no single facility which provided all of these services at the same location. That’s when Dr. Stanger applied the concept of blended medicine to the treatment of accidentally injured patients, creating one-stop management of accidental injuries. Combining services ranging from therapy to surgery, Dr Stanger helped create a new trend in the healthcare delivery system.

Now personal injury attorneys, who help these individuals that were injured through no fault of their own, have a facility for their injured clients where one call does it all!

Taking our injured patients from accidental injury to health and wellness!

Our injured patients love us! Send us your injured clients and they will love you too!

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