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Shoulder Pain Treatment

There are many causes of shoulder blade pain and most are easily traced to physical activity. The pain can also be the result of accident or injury to the arm and may involve the shoulder joint or rotator cuff. The cuff enables circular motion in the upper arm and the pain follows the tendon attached to muscle in the arm. Other pain emanates from the bursa fluid sac near the top of the shoulder.

Soreness in the shoulder is a common complaint and it can result from simple activity or dislocations or broken bones. In rotator cuff injury the pain is most often in the front or outside of the shoulder. One of the major tendons of the shoulder blade rests at the top and runs under the outside bone. In this position it is between bones and it can become pinched.

The pain resulting can be very severe particularly if the arm is raised above the head. The pain at night can be severe enough to a prevent sleep.

What can be done to help Shoulder Blade pain?

When shoulder blade pain surpasses mere discomfort or soreness then an evaluation should be scheduled with our team of physicians that include: neurologists, chiropractic physicians, and physical therapists. Professional treatment methods will quickly dissipate soreness and normal function will return. Methods employed will include some rest balanced with specific, prescribed exercise. In some cases medication is prescribed also and may include ibuprofen, naproxen, or possibly steroid injections to reduce inflammation.

Rehabilitation therapy is, of course, key to treatment of shoulder blade pain. These sessions will include bending and moving of the various muscles and tendons designed to avoid serious damage to the rotator cuff. Included are resistance exercises with weights and elastic distenders. In the completion stages heavier weights may be employed to build strength in the muscles.

How to avoid shoulder blade and arm pain?

Very often the cause of such pain is quite apparent. A heavy object may be involved, or a dislocation has resulted from a fall. Perhaps some sports activity has proven too strenuous. The list of possible causes is almost endless and the resulting pain can range from mild ache to acute pain that prevents use of the arm. In the majority of cases, however, the injuries are not often critical.

There are, of course, other less obvious causes of shoulder pain. These constitute a wide spectrum of symptoms that can be diagnosed by a physician through examination and testing. They too can be relatively mild and easily treated or they can indicate much more serious conditions. Pain is usually the key to the cause and may be accompanied by feelings of numbness, tingling of nerves, swelling or even lack of sleep. Arthritis, bursitis, and tendonitis are all included in the “shoulder pain” category and sometimes a reaction to medications can bring on acute pain in these regions.

Much more serious conditions such as heart attack can be preceded by shoulder and arm pain. Spinal injuries too can be “screened” by aches and pains in the shoulder or arm. For just such reasons it is extremely important that patients contact their physicians when pain persists. At the SHCC Centers for Neurology and Pain Management in South Florida, our team of physicians that include: neurologists, chiropractic physicians, and physical therapists can provide effective treatment for shoulder pain.

If you are troubled by neck, back or shoulder blade pain call SHCC Centers for Neurology and Pain Management today. Our Centers are conveniently located in four areas in Broward and Palm Beach Counties and are open six days every week. Our hours are 8:30 A.M. to 6:30 P.M. Monday through Friday and by appointment only on Saturday.

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Dr Stanger is CEO/Founder of Stanger Healthcare Centers and is a Chiropractic Physician practicing in South Florida for the past thirty years.

Dr. John Ferro , is a Chiropractic Physician who Attended Rutgers University, and was a graduate of Life University in 2002. Dr Ferro has over ten years of experience successfully treating patients in our offices.

Robere J. Missirian M.D. is an Orthopedic Surgeon who attended SUNY Stony Brook University for his postgraduate studies of Orthopedic Surgery.

Dr. Steve Burack is a Physician specializing in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. He attended the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.