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Lower Back Pain

Lower, low back pain is pain or discomfort in the lower part of the back, sometimes the pain or numbness moves down the leg. The pain can keep you from doing your daily activities or doing things that you enjoy.

Causes of Lower Back Pain

  • Heavy lifting
  • Falls
  • Infections
  • Spine problems
  • Overweight
  • Auto accidents

How Can I help myself?

Lower back exercises (swimming or walking)
Bend knees when lifting heavy objects
Maintain a healthy weight
Wear comfortable shoes
Use chairs with good lower back support when sitting

What SHCC can do

Injections and pain medication
Chiropractic Manipulation/therapy
DRX 9000 Spinal Decompression

Most lower back pains are due to sprains and strains and with proper treatment usually improve. Some lower back is due to a herniation of a disk. Disks are located in between each backbone and function as a shock absorber and allow the spine to flex and bend. Herniation occurs when a break in the outside of the disk allows some of the soft inner portion to bulge out and press on a nerve root. As a result the pain of a herniation often travels all the way down your leg to the foot. Sprains and strains are usually felt mostly in just the lower back.

Back Pain Prevention

  • When lifting or bending always bend your knees
  • When you pick up an object, bring it to your body and turn with it.
  • With your arms extended a 10lb object feels like 50lbs.
  • Stretch before and after you are going to do any lifting or bending, whether at work, or sports, or at home. REMEMBER – not just before but stretch after too!!
  • If you feel your lower back tightening up. Lay on your back on a flat surface, bring one knee to your chest and hold. Then repeat with the other knee.

These are some good simple tips to prevent lower back problems. There are many things that a person can do at home or work to help relieve back pain.

  • Proper lifting and bending techniques
  • When working and lifting use support belts.
  • Maintain proper posture – active aerobically fit individuals have fewer back injuries, miss fewer work days and report fewer back pain symptoms.

Millions of people experience lower back pain and some on a regular basis. Self care can help maintain back health and prevent serious damage to the spine. But self care is not always enough if you get back pain and it hurts if it does not go away immediately you need to see a physician. Early treatment of back problems is important in preventing possible damage to the spine. SHCC Centers for Neurology & Pain Management have help locations throughout Broward & Palm Beach Counties.

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Monday-Friday; 8.30am-6.30pm,
Saturdays and Sundays: On Call.



Dr Stanger is CEO/Founder of Stanger Healthcare Centers and is a Chiropractic Physician practicing in South Florida for the past thirty years.

Dr. John Ferro , is a Chiropractic Physician who Attended Rutgers University, and was a graduate of Life University in 2002. Dr Ferro has over ten years of experience successfully treating patients in our offices.

Robere J. Missirian M.D. is an Orthopedic Surgeon who attended SUNY Stony Brook University for his postgraduate studies of Orthopedic Surgery.

Dr. Steve Burack is a Physician specializing in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. He attended the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.