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Weight Loss at Stanger Health Care Centers in Delray Beach

Importance of Weight Loss

Most people monitor their weight to some degree for physical appearance reasons but did you know there is a bigger reason to lose excess weight in your life. At Stanger Health and Weight Loss Centers, we will help you get back on a healthier lifestyle track that focuses on every aspect of your wellbeing!

Why is Weight Loss Important for Your Health?

Excess weight is hard on the bones, ligaments and muscles of the body. Three out of every four overweight people also suffer from back, joint or musculoskeletal pain as a direct result of their obesity. Obesity is also hard on the organs, such as the heart which has to work harder at pumping blood throughout the body.

Beyond the day-to-day functionality, obesity can make car accident injuries or falls especially hard to recover from. Excess weight adds to the struggle of recovery by slowing the body’s ability to heal and hindering the physical therapy process.

Losing weight allows you to get back to an active lifestyle more easily. Weight loss helps reduce the serious strain on your body and often improves your self-confidence and energy level in the process.

Weight Loss Methods

At Stanger Health and Weight Loss Centers, we offer Tamarac and Delray Beach area residents the opportunity to lose the excess weight. Shed the unnecessary pounds with a personalized combination of our weight-reducing methods:

Spot Reduction with Laser

Shrink your fat with the NLazer lipolysis. At a fraction of the cost of liposuction, you can zap fat away in 20 minutes. There are no negative side effects or down time and the body-sculpting technology is non-invasive. Target those problem areas that are difficult to reduce. Paired with great dieting, NLazer lipolysis is an affordable therapy that provides lasting results.

Straight Medical

Straight Medical diets allow you to eat delicious foods that are healthy, natural and easy for an on-the-go lifestyle. Now you can eat protein bars and cookies and watch the pounds shed away. Straight Medical Foods come with a program that helps you move towards an improved lifestyle for years to come. Your smart cookies and/or protein bars should be eaten when you first wake up each morning and throughout the day whenever you are hungry. A low-fat, low carbohydrate-high protein healthy dinner completes the day's nutrition and helps you feel satisfied at the end of the day.

High-Protein Low-Carb Diet

We also want to encourage muscle building and fat shedding diets that are full of proteins and low on carbs. Carbs turn to sugars that add to the body fat. A healthy diet, filled with the proteins of vegetables, chicken, dairy and more, will help you keep the weight off for long-term results.

Overall, our goal is to help get you to your desired weight! Check out Stanger Health and Weight Loss Centers for all your weight loss and body contouring needs!

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