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Massage Therapy

Treatment Benefits

  • Increase circulation to promote healing
  • Pain relief of spinal injuries and headaches by decreasing
    muscle tension
  • Help rehabilitate injuries by stretching connective tissues
  • Relieve cramps and muscle spasms

Without some form of rehabilitation, recovery from an injury or a long-standing spinal problem can take longer to achieve. Overlooking the importance of improved range of motion and muscle strengthening can result in a relapse, with your original health problem returning again and again.

Massage therapy involves the restoration of proper joint function of the spine or extremities, and the strengthening of supporting muscles and soft tissues.

This will usually involve a program of stretching, resistance training, and exercises to improve muscle tone.

Some patients receive a set of simple exercises or "maneuvers" they can do at home. Other types of injuries will require the use of specialized equipment to isolate and strengthen specific areas of the spine.

Ask our massage therapist for ways you can speed the healing process and strengthen the supporting soft tissues of your spine through appropriate rehabilitation.