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Back Pain

Back pain causes, symptoms, and relief

Back Pain is a very common ailment. The back pain often begins suddenly and may follow an obvious strain or injury, but sometimes seems to come on for no reason.

The pain may travel to the buttocks or all the way down the leg. The pain may be worse by bending, by sitting or by just trying to turn over in bed.

Do you have back pain symptoms?

Back pain is common. The main cause for back pain is a strain of the muscles connected to the back bones known as vertebrae.


  • Stay fit - exercise regularly
  • Be aware of the posture and position you are in during your daily activities - ex: lifting, bending


Treatment for back pain can usually be accomplished by the following three methods:

  • Injections & pain medications
  • Spinal Manipulation by a chiropractic physician
  • Physical Therapy - electric stimulation, ultrasound, heat or ice by a physical therapist.