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Slip and Fall

Selecting a professional in a personal injury matter is a very important decision. As physicians who are specifically familiar with the management of accidental injuries, Centers For Neurology can treat your injuries and refer you to the best personal injury lawyers in Florida.

Beginning from childhood year's accidental injuries accumulate. The leading cause, by far, are "slip and fall" injuries. Many simply result in scrapes and minor bruises. However, broken bones are not uncommon and very often back and neck displacement occurs with serious consequences.

SHCC Centers for Neurology and Pain Management offer patients a blend of disciplines in one environment that address slip and fall injuries as a team approach. Neurology, neuropsychology, chiropractic, physical and massage therapies are applied to fit the precise need of each patient. And, it's a treatment technique proven over the past 20 years at our centers.

Most injuries from hard falls must be given medical attention and examination because of the potential for broken or chipped bones. If they include trauma to the spine then normal body motion is disturbed and this sets the stage for problems that can continue over decades. Injuries of this type often result in chronic pain, a condition frequently encountered and always challenging to the treatment provider.

These spills, slips and tumbles usually wrench muscles, tendons and even spinal discs. What's more, the resulting pain is not always in proportion to the damage that has been done. Our bodies have built-in pain "Mockers" that can screen serious damage for varying periods though swelling and discoloration are present. If left unattended such injuries to soft tissue result in formation of scars formation. These areas never full return to their normal pre-injury state.

As people grow into advanced year's injuries from slips and falls increase. Broken bones can actually be life threatening! Nationally, falls continue as one of the leading causes of major injuries and hospitalization among older citizens. Misalignment of the vertebrae too becomes more likely as balance and equilibrium loose their youthful edge. Falls seem to be more severe and spinal injury can then open the door to pain everywhere in the body. If not checked and evaluated by a doctor such injuries lead to years of discomfort. Treatment is usually effective when examinations are conducted promptly after the injury occurs.

An immediate examination by the our team of physicians can detect the degree of damage from slip and fall injuries. On site services include Neurology, Chiropractic, Neuro-Psychology as well as physical and massage therapies. After evaluation a comprehensive treatment plan will be implemented to relieve pain and avoid long-term disabilities.

If you have experienced a slip and fall injury call our centers today. Your injury can be evaluated promptly! SHCC Centers for Neurology and Pain Management are open six days a week, Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. On Saturday, by appointment only. We are conveniently located in four areas in Broward and Palm Beach Counties. Call today for an appointment with one of our specialists toll free 866-426-3876.