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Rights of Injured Passengers in Auto Accidents

auto accident injuryAuto accidents are split-second events that can lead to years of physical, financial, and legal stress. When you're a passenger, you don't have to worry about proving you're not at fault, but you still have to deal with the accident's impact on your health, quality of life, and bank account. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to protect your rights and improve your odds of healing, avoiding further complications, and making sure your injury treatment is covered. 

Securing Coverage for Chiropractic Care in Delray Beach

Injured passengers are protected by auto insurance in many different ways. If you need chiropractic care because of an injury sustained as a passenger in an auto accident, your path to compensation will depend on a few specific factors:

  • Relation to Driver: If you're related to the person who was driving you at the time of your injury, you qualify as an "injured person" and must file your claim through their liability coverage. If your driver is not a relative, your injury may be covered by the driver's "primary uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage" or your own auto insurance policy's "excess coverage".
  • Policy Limitations: If your driver is related but their insurance policy doesn't cover the full cost of care, the other driver's insurance policy may make up for the difference.
  • Driver at Fault: Insurance carriers use police reports, witness statements, and other sources to determine fault before compensating third parties.   

Insurance coverage for medical payments has nothing to do with fault, but legal liability must be proven if you want to seek coverage for lost income, pain and suffering, or any other consequence of the auto accident.

Suing a Negligent Driver

If you have suffered injuries in one vehicle because of another driver's negligence in a second vehicle, you may sue the second driver for negligence. Everyone who was in your vehicle can actually pursue negligent claims, and you might even share an attorney if your interests don't conflict. If the driver doesn't have uninsured motorist coverage, you may also sue their insurance agent for breach of duty.

Strengthening Your Case for Compensation

Your rights are important to us at Stanger Health Care Centers. If you or the driver have an insurance policy that will cover your treatment, let us know and we'll work with your provider to make sure they have the information they need for reimbursement. However, if a third party is at fault and you don't have representation yet, ask us to refer a personal injury attorney after we diagnose your injury.

In addition to satisfying legal requirements to use a one-step diagnosis code, we arm each patient's legal team with valuable information about their diagnosis. That includes detailed impressions of the patient's condition from multiple health care professionals, a clearly identified treating diagnosis, and any complicating factors or conditions that may affect the injury.

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